Train the Trainer

“Give a person a workout, and you help them for a day. Teach a person how to train themselves, and they can manage their health and fitness for a lifetime.”

 “The best instructors are those that feel the need to be of service, take joy in teaching others, and can effectively convey their knowledge and skill set to their students while being sensitive to the feedback that is coming their way.”

“We have very strong feelings about how fitness training should happen. It is one of our most important jobs to make sure that all of the trainers at Evolve Fitness shares the same consistent message with our Members.”

"I am happiest when I succeed in getting my students to understand and be active participants in their own fitness.”

Mo Orlando - Evolve Fitness Co-Founder

At Evolve Fitness, Train the Trainer has two meanings, both of which are important to our Members. First, we are responsible for our Members’ fitness and safety, and that means that we are responsible for everything our training does - so we train them to be Evolve trainers. Second, we also feel that, to the extent that Members desire to be, we should help people to be actively involved in planning and taking responsibility for their own fitness and training.  To the extent that a Member buys into this philosophy, we would love to teach you how to be your own trainer. This second meaning of Train the Trainer is of course completely optional.

The health and fitness industry is habitually failing, and too often physically hurting, people. Too many so-called “trainers” themselves lack adequate training, proper education on the human body, physiology, functional anatomy, and holistic body knowledge, and commence misguided fitness programs without first conducting a proper assessment of the of their victim and his or her mobility. Because of this, we’ve redefined what trainers need to do to ensure your personal success. Our dedication to having exceptional trainers stems from the unwavering Member-centric discipline brought to Evolve’s culture by Mo Orlando, co-founder and ex-United States Special Forces Operator. While serving our country, Mo suffered a debilitating combat injury. After two years of failed treatment, battling doctors, and feeling like no one in the health care system was listening, he began searching for answers on his own. Today, Mo is not only completely healed from the injuries he received from his helicopter being shot down in enemy territory, but he is a world-class physical specimen. Thanks to the techniques Mo learned during his own rehabilitation, Mo and now thousands of others can have pain-free lives. Mo and the rest of the Evolve team have developed their very own Train-the-Trainer program to ensure that everyone who interfaces with Members, and especially our trainers, convey the same consistent message to our Members.  

Mo ensures that our trainers consistently follow the Evolve Fitness principles: 

  1. All Evolve Trainers are taught that they are co-responsible with you for your success.
  2. Our trainers will keep lectures to the absolute minimum and emphasize workout over talk. 
  3. Our trainers will proper demonstrations (demos) of exercises, and make sure that you are doing your exercises properly.
  4. Our trainers will leave their ego at the door. Fitness is not about the trainer, it is about you!
  5. Our trainers won’t assume that just because you did an exercise properly once that you “got it.” They will reinforce your understanding repeatedly.

At Evolve, our mission is to educate trainers with scientific methods proven to effectively reach desired health, fitness, and life goals. Our methods teach you how to be proactive so you are no longer a passenger, but rather a co-pilot. We will train you to be responsible for your own fitness, health, and lives. You will note that ours is a whole body approach. 

Evolve Fitness is here for you. We understand that you may not know where to start, what to fix first, or what your restrictions or imbalances might be. Your journey will be centered around you, which is why you will have a better, safer, and more fulfilling experience with Evolve than is possible anywhere else.
We credit much of our success to Gray Cook’s teachings. Gray Cook, MSPT, OCS, CSCS, is a practicing physical therapist and orthopedic certified specialist, and is certified as a strength and conditioning specialist, as an Olympic weightlifting coach, and as a kettlebell instructor. He is also the founder of Functional Movement Systems, a great program used to analyze human movement patterns. The science behind our programs and solutions are based on the philosophy of Gray Cook's 10 Movement Principles:

  1. Separate painful movement patterns from dysfunctional movement patterns to create clarity and perspective in movement.
  2. The starting point for learning movement is creating a baseline of movement.
  3. Understanding movement behaviors and the risk of not using a screen or assessment of current movement patterns.
  4. Learning movement starts with mobility and flexibility. Understanding movement is necessary for a clear perspective. 
  5. Corrective exercise should represent challenging opportunities to manage mistakes on a functional level near the edge of ability.
  6. Perception drives movement - Practice positive movement rather than rehearsing poor exercise, simply because it’s easy or you’re crunched for time. 
  7. We should not put fitness on top of dysfunctional movement - fix the issue before loading the exercise with more weight. 
  8. We must develop performance and skill at each level in a natural progression before skipping to the next level.
  9. We should work close to the baseline at the edge of ability with a clear goal.
  10. The routine practice of self-limiting exercise can maintain the quality of movement and exercise itself. 


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