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Evolve Fitness has completely changed the way I train and my ability to train

Evolve Fitness has completely changed the way I train and my ability to train. I've been educated by their staff and owners to increase my mobility and flexibility as well as my strength and cardio conditioning. I highly recommend Evolve Fitness for anyone looking for an entirely different approach to fitness with a staff dedicated to your improvement!

M Lama

Evolve is my playground!

As a fitness enthusiast, Evolve is my playground! This gym has a large selection of the very best functional training equipment. They also offer a lot of great classes! My favorites are SoulBody Barre, Les Mills GRIT, BodyFlow and BodyPump. Indoor cycling fans-Think you're working hard? Take the 5-minute test to find your FTP and watch yourself get faster, faster! The trainers are very thoughtful and knowledgeable. There's something for every fitness level here! The owners put so much thought into every square inch of this place.

Jenny Au

Everyone is excited and it's such a friendly atmosphere

The gym is incredible and a wonderful addition to Audubon. The equipment is amazing and spinning classes are the BEST I've ever seen. From the minute they opened I felt welcome and encouraged by the staff. Their shake menu and kid room is first class. I used to train with Mo and can't wait to start again next week with all this great equipment. I also did Jason's SYNRGY class which was awesome! If you have a question about how to use a machine just ask. Everyone is excited and it's such a friendly atmosphere. Evolve definitely did it right and really has everything to offer for any age or fitness level.

Mike Whylings

A place for people who take their fitness seriously enough to want to do it right

The owners have been doing this for a long time, and because of that their approach goes beyond just providing a place to exercise and train, they want to make sure that you're doing it correctly. It's not a place for people to grunt and groan as loud as they can, it's a place for people who take their fitness seriously enough to want to do it right, and that mentality paired with the incredible amount of space, equipment, and a logical layout, make it a great place to learn and exercise all at the same time.

Ryan B

Mo is a magician!

"I was in a lot of pain for one and a half years before I met Mo. I could barely walk: I had plantar fasciitis in both feet.

Due to that, doctors said I was changing the way I move to avoid that pain and that put me in a worse situation.

I had a lot of pain in my calves and hamstrings, my hip was killing me, and my shoulder/neck area was in a lot of pain. I don't know how I arrived to that point of pain, but I couldn't handle it any more. I spent a lot of money on doctors, physical therapy, acupuncture... I didn't know what else to do, and finally I met Mo.

Mo and "his magic exercises" helped me to return to full activity and be pain free! He is an expert, he really knows what he is doing. He fixed me, even though I was a really tough case. He is a magician! 😉 "

Patricia RV

I know this was all because of Jason!

"As a self proclaimed trainer junkie, fad dieter and trendy fitness follow I can honestly say I have done and tried it all!  In my twenties before kids I was able to have a trainer for a few sessions, or hop on the latest fitness trend bandwagon and be at my goal weight in no time!  I had gotten into serious running after the birth of my first son- even completing my first marathon when he was only 14 months old- so running became my go to to lose the baby weight- however after the birth of my third son my typical cardio workouts were just not cutting it anymore- I couldn't lose the last 10'lbs.

I started getting to know Jason at the gym he previous worked out- we became friendly and he was always  casually saying "you need to lift weights".  And I would just casually say I know my body- running is what I need.  So I ignored Jason and decided to continue to run and try shakeology and 21day fix - while I lost weight on the scale I looked the same, felt the same, and really didn't learn anything new- so 6 months later I approached Jason and said I think I needed 8 personal training sessions to give me a good start.... well 8 sessions turned into 5 straight months of 3 training sessions a week!  My only regret was that I didn't listen to him sooner and pick up some damn weights!  Jason is an extremely knowledgeable trainer that will push your body to limits you never knew existed.  Within weeks I was noticing major changes in my body- changes that I had never seen before- needless to say I was hooked!!  

I have never felt stronger, physically or mentally- just this past March I had a PR in a half marathon and the entire race I felt like I was running on steel- not once did my body feel weak or tired- and I know this was all because of Jason.  He gave me the confidence to push harder and lift heavier.  Like I said- I had trainers before that got me to my "goal" weight.  But Jason wasn't interested in my weight, he was interested in how I looked and felt.  He gave me amazing tips, strategies, and advice when it came to my diet- sometimes I would listen and sometimes I wouldn't- but when I did I saw the changes immediately!  Not only is Jason an awesome, knowledgeable trainer- he also is a great person- I wasn't just a pay day to him- he truly cared about getting me the results I wanted- and for that I will be forever grateful!"    

Courtney S

Mo is an amazing trainer!

"Mo is an amazing trainer! He has walked me through a corrective phase of exercise and we are now working on agility, stamina, and toning. There is no "ground and pound" here. Every workout is well thought through and professionally executed. I highly recommend Mo. He is your trainer in Cherry Hill for sure!"

Chuck Gill

I can't say enough about Jason's training and classes

"I can't say enough about Jason's training and classes. He knows how to motivate, push you to your limits, and get the results you want. He made it easier for me to meet my goals through training, proper nutrition, and his awesome classes. I never thought I would be at the gym three times a week lifting but with Jason's help he taught me the importance of weight training and I have seen great results! Jason takes the time to check in on your progress and makes sure everything is going well even after your training sessions!" 

Tori Orio

Helped me to complete a Spartan Race with NO pain

"Mo has been my trainer for about 6 months. He is very knowledgeable and patient when teaching new exercises. He was always punctual and has given me great results. I have 3 slipped discs in my lower back, his client specific workouts have alleviated my pain and allowed me to complete a Spartan Race!"

Kathryn Wallace

Without his push,I would've never started going to the gym

"I've been working with Jason for over a year now. Without his push, I would've never started going to the gym. He gave me the confidence I never had. On days I didn't feel like going to the gym, his compassion, knowledge, and faith in me, gave me the extra push to go! He has worked with me on fitness and nutrition and it has made a world of difference! I am so grateful for all he's done for me and look forward to continuing this journey!"

Christine M. 

Mo is more than a common trainer

"I had been working out with a personal trainer for several years before meeting Mo. I enjoyed my workouts with that trainer and saw results, but had hit a fitness plateau. Then, I was introduced to Mo and was immediately impressed on a number of levels. First, his precision in professional judgement. By the end of my initial assessment, Mo accurately identified what needed adjusting, correcting, or strengthening and he shared his plan to remedy each area of concern. Second, his wealth of knowledge. Mo thoroughly understands the theory behind training and patiently breaks down the exercise, even personally demonstrating them, until I can wrap my head around the particular task.

Working with Mo, I have achieved some of my corrective and fitness goals, but Mo's coaching has helped me to raise my expectations for personal fitness and inspires me to push myself further. Not because I HAVE to, but because I WANT to! Finally, Mo shares my ultimate goal, to work out (correctly) on my own with periodic refresher sessions for additional guidance. I believe that's a testimony to Mo Orlando's commitment to his profession!"

Sherrie Prizer

Weight Lost & Healthier life

"I have been working with Mo now for three months. I have lost almost 80 lbs. Hiring Mo was the best thing I ever did because not only did I lose weight , its about becoming healthier in my life, all around I am over 50. I have lost weight before but never been able to keep it off, nor target specific hard spots. His prices are fair and he is very knowledgeable. I had tendonitis of my shoulder before I started working out and he worked WITH my PTs. He goes above and beyond. My husband is now a client and also my daughter. He works around our schedules if there is ever an issue.. I recommend him 100%!!!"

Cheryl Smith

You really made a difference for me

"The class really made a difference.  I  am excited to continue the class and I have 3 other people interested (including Phil). I am more cognizant of my form and engaging the correct muscles. I no longer have back pain ( which has been a constant for me for the past 18 years after a herniation  of 3 of  my discs in my Lumbar spine) I sleep better and have improved mobility. My back no longer locks up after sitting in meetings for extended periods of time and I am not hunched over when I stand up (because it use to be painful standing up) I know I have a ways to go but your class  was really motivational for me because I was not left in pain or stiff after the exercise, but with renewed vigor and flexibility that carried me through the week to do other workouts-boot camp and spin which I would have never even attempt before. Thank You!! You really made a difference for me. 

Have a great day and I look forward to the next class."


He wants everyone to succeed in being strong, healthy and most of all, pain free!

"I lived by the old saying ‘No Pain No Gain.’ So I went to the gym multiple times a week and got home ready for a hot shower and Advil to help the pain. Eventually, the pain was taking over the good I was getting from working out. I was to the point that getting out of bed took some time, and getting down the stairs took even longer. Holding on tightly to the handrail and never with my shoes on. I was intrigued by the Corrective Exercise class being offered at my gym and thought, ‘if I could get any relief it would be worth the time and investment.’

I was looking for a way to stop my joint pain from limiting me from my everyday activities. Mo Orlando has been the answer to my prayers. After 4 weeks of taking Mo’s Corrective Exercise group class, I am now getting out of bed with no pain and putting on my heels before heading down the stairs. The foam roller is the simplest of equipment and yet it does wonders, from opening up the spine to warming up and activating muscles. The exercises are not complicated, and the workout doesn’t take any longer than my normal workout, yet when I am done there is no pain in my joints. I leave the gym with feeling revitalized and renewed instead of wiped out and sore.

They are not your usual exercises – I get a lot of funny looks at the gym but they work. Mo has developed a series of exercises that correct just about any issue you may have. I had fallen walking my dog over 2 years ago and suffered shoulder pain ever since. I now have no shoulder pain whatsoever with a couple of simple but effective exercises. I cannot say enough good things about this program or mostly about Mo. He is passionate about helping people be the best they can be. His enthusiasm is contagious. He wants everyone to succeed in being strong, healthy and most of all pain free. I am back to enjoying my work-outs. I can honestly say that this is the best thing I have done for myself in a very long time. I would encourage anyone who is suffering from any type of joint pain to invest in themselves and work-out with Mo, either individually or in a group class setting. You will not be sorry. "

Doreen Mansilla

I am eternally grateful to Jason

Like many women, I believed skinny was the equivalent of healthy. After my third child, I was no longer skinny. So, I joined the gym because I needed a change. However, I found myself completely intimidated by the equipment and machines. I would walk on the tread mil because that was "safe" territory in my mind. Then, about a year ago, a friend of mine convinced me to take a fitness class with an instructor named Jason. Somehow he inspired and pushed me to work harder than I thought was possible. I loved working to complete exhaustion and the energy it later brought. He helped me achieve my original goal of losing 15 pounds and feeling better. Thereafter, I utilized Jason as a personal trainer where he taught me about weight training, gym equipment, cardio exercise and macros. My days of wanting to be skinny were soon replaced by wanting to be strong. I am eternally grateful to Jason.


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