Digital Personal Training App

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Digital Personal Training App

from 7.99

With Evolve Fitness you can easily access customized workouts anytime, anywhere. Easily track stats and follow workout plans with instructional videos right from your smartphone or computer.

*Read below for program options

**Plans will require a one-time activation fee, except the Platinum plan.

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Do you find yourself wishing you were seeing better results at the gym? Do you mix up your workout routines enough? Are using the right routines to meet your personal goals? What about your form, are you sure that you're using the proper form? These are typical questions we ask our clients and you would be surprised at the responses.

We provide our clients with an easy-to-use digital personal training program centered around you and your specific fitness goals. Once you buy one of the packages you will be given access to our digital personal training app. You can also access through a computer. 

With this app you can:

  • Access training calendars
  • Meal planning, with the ability to sync to MyFitnessPal
  • Direct messaging to your Evolve Fitness trainer
  • Track your progress through your training program
  • Manage your training plans we have created for you at any time
  • Access videos to explain proper form, as well as a detailed description of each exercise
  • Access all training information right from your phone so you can have it by your side while you train, or if you prefer, you can print each training plan.
  • No matter where you are or what gym you are at you can always access your Evolve Fitness training! 

We are providing the best digital personal training app so you are able to get the results you deserve.

When setting up your account, we will work with you to create programs that will enable you to reach your goals. See below for our monthly package options. Plans will require a one-time activation fee of $19.99, except the Platinum plan.

Monthly Packages



  • Access to the Evolve Fitness personal training app through your mobile device or computer
  • Two workout routines of your choice will be added to your training library each month.
    • All routines in your personal training library are available for print from your computer and accessible through your app 24/7.
    • Note: once a routine is added to your personal training library it will remain accessible month after month.
  • Promotional price: $7.99/month ($15 value)



  • Includes everything from Bronze package mentioned above
  • In-app messaging so you can directly message Evolve Fitness personal trainers
    • You can ask questions, request special training, and more 
  • Promotional price: $24.99/month ($50 value)



  • Includes everything from Bronze and Silver packages mentioned above
  • An additional workout program will be added each month, giving you a total of 3 new workout programs a month.
  • One video-call consultation with an Evolve Fitness Personal Trainer each month
  • We'll track your progress, discuss your goals and your programs
  • Promotional price: $49.99/month ($115 value)



  • Includes everything from Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages mentioned above
  • Activation fee is waived
  • Initial video consultation to discuss needs, goals, and workout plan
  • A complete 6-week workout program
  • Promotional price: $149.99 per 6 week program ($300 value)

*Plans require a one-time activation fee of $19.99, except for the Platinum package.

We can create custom packages options. Some of your options include in-person training options, additional 1:1 calls throughout the month, nutrition programs, etc. To schedule a call or to ask questions please email