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Running Programs

Strength training helps to prevent injuries, drastically improves your body’s muscle to fat ratio, and helps you develop a smooth, lean appearance. 

Who are Running Programs for:

  • Men & Women!

  • those looking to decrease injuries such as IT Band syndrome, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendentious, runners' knee, shoulder & neck issues

  • those looking to run efficiently and decrease run time

  • those looking to run faster

  • for those looking to improve running form

  • for the runner looking to prevent injury and improve performance, build muscle, & lose fat

  • those looking to improve bone density 

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Runners Program


This program is designed to help you, the runner, become stronger and healthier. Be prepared to decrease your running time, set a PR, and do it all pain and injury free. Perfect for Road Races, Tough Mudder, Spartan, etc.

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10K + Runners Program


Having nagging pains while you run or can’t seem to break your best time? The 10K+ Runners Program is  designed to create strength, balance, and speed; a road map for the runner that’s looking to break through! If you are looking to run 10K, a marathon, or anything in between, this is for you! 2 Dedicated strength days, 2 core days, with added speed and recovery.  You will be the runner you have always wanted to be.

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1/2 & Full Marathon Training Programs

ALL LEVELS - 12 weeks

Ready to run but nor sure where to start? A lot of people think they should increase their run distance by simply running further each day. This couldn’t be further from the truth and is a good way to create an injury. Learn how to increase your speed and distance like the pro’s do! This program focuses on the science behind the muscles, by cycling the correct methods of endurance, speed and recovery.

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