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Evolve Fitness uses scientifically based programs built around your individual body. Whether you are a novice or a professional athlete, our programs can be tailored to fit their needs and goals.

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The Difference Between Us & The Rest:

  • We do not train to a test - Instead of training the athlete to excel at a test, we use exercises and techniques followed by successful professional, division 1, and Olympic programs to help them excel as better athletes on the playing field.

  • Injury Prevention - Our number one goal is to do no harm, that is why we pride ourselves in training each athlete’s underdeveloped muscles and “weak links” to keep them injury free for their athletic career.

  • Measurable Data - We keep well-kept records of each of our athletes so that we can help them progress in the most efficient way possible.

The Breakdown of Evolve’s Strength & Conditioning:

  • Movement Prep & Dynamic Warm-up - Movement prep allows our coaches to prepare the athlete's body for the training session. We utilize trigger point therapy, foam rolling, and a sport specific dynamic warm-up allowing the body’s muscles to be more elastic with a greater range of motion, and an improvement in body coordination.

  • Strength & Power - A strong athlete is a powerful athlete. A powerful athlete is a fast athlete. We teach our athletes to utilize their strength efficiently and build explosive power.

  • Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ) - We teach our athletes how to utilize their strength and power through lateral movements, changing of direction, and acceleration.

  • Energy System Development (ESD) - We take a different approach to conditioning our athletes: Create a challenging environment and making it fun and competitive for one another. This conditioning technique allows athletes develop the energy systems used in their sport to help them last longer on the playing field.

  • Regeneration & Recovery - Stretching and Soft tissue work. We provide our athletes with Nutritional guidelines and lifestyle choices to help them recover better for more efficient training sessions and practices.

Our Programs:

  • Adult Strength & Conditioning - Not just for the weekend warrior! This class is designed for anyone looking to do develop a greater, more functional range of motion, core strength, and power in a fun, competitive, and efficient way. Train like an athlete, move like an athlete, look like an athlete.

  • Youth Strength Program - An educational program to provide kids with all the tools necessary to help them achieve their athletic needs. We use basic functional strength, speed and agility exercises with diet and nutritional advice to help them live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Team Training - We create a program based on your team’s needs, and help them excel together as a team.

  • One on One Training - Want an individualized program that progresses at your own pace? One on one training allows the coach to build a program designed specifically for you, and work in a private environment.

This is where scholarships are made and personal records are achieved

Our Training Pricing

Strength & Conditioning:

Evolve Fitness offers an 8-week strength program for $240. This program meets twice a week for 1-hour sessions. We currently have 3 schedule options below:

(Limit 10 people per class)

  • Class schedule

    • Monday’s at 7pm & Wednesday’s at 7pm

    • Tuesday’s at 7pm & Thursday”s at 7pm

    • Wednesday's at 5:30am & Saturday's at 7:30am

There will be a total of 16 classes consisting of: thoracic mobility, joint mobility, joint stability, strength & power, and plyometrics.

Strength & Conditioning - Kids:

Evolve Fitness Audubon will also hold a 4-week kids strength and conditioning program with 45-minute classes for $8 per class. The recommended ages for this program are 6-12 years old. (Limit 10 people per class)

  • Class schedule

    • Wednesday’s at 6:15pm

    • Tuesday’s and Thursday's at 4:30pm

    • Saturday's at 9:15am

There will be classes covering: body mechanics, joint stability, nutrition, basic strength and conditioning, and injury prevention.


Athletic Training:

Evolve Fitness Audubon offers athlete training for those involved in team sports. The costs are $520 per kid per team. This is a 16-week program and is limited to 6-10 athletes.

  • Class Schedule:

    • Tuesday's & Thursday's at 6pm

    • Wednesday's at 5pm and Saturday's at 10am

There will be classes covering: thoracic mobility, speed, strength, energy system development, and regeneration

Personal Training Pricing:

Private 1-hour sessions

  • $60 per session.

  • $165/3 sessions ($55/session)

  • $300/6 sessions ($50/session)

  • $540/12 sessions ($45/session)

  • 3 session intro package one time purchase $99 limited-time only


Private ½ hr sessions

  • $45 per ½ hr

  • $126/3 sessions ($42/session)

  • $234/6 sessions ($39/session)

  • $432/12 sessions ($36/session)


Partner Training 1 hour sessions (2 people)

  • $65/session ($32.50/pp)


Corrective Exercise

  • 1-hour session $75

  • ½ hr sessions $60


Strength & Conditioning Pricing

Private Strength Sessions

  • $90 per hour

Semi-Private sessions (2-4 people)

  • $75/person per hour

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