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Nutrition, Ahh…  Nutrition!

So many people repeatedly fight weight loss, various health issues, chronic illness and symptoms that don’t seem to get any better or have any answers. Dragging ourselves from doctor to doctor, trying this medicine and that medicine only to be right back where we were in the beginning, still without answers.

I know the toll it can take. If you’ve been through this yourself, or watched friends or family go through it, chances are you grew frustrated—not just by the symptoms, but by the lack of answers you received from your doctor, and from conventional medicine in general.

Did you know over 85 percent of chronic illness and obesity are created by our behavior and environment, not our genes? This means we all have the power to prevent obesity and reverse chronic illness just by adopting healthier habits.

There is no drug on the planet that can do what food does.

"What you put on your fork is truly more powerful than anything you will find in a prescription bottle. It works faster and is cheaper.”

At some point you realize that the medicine you think should be able to solve complex health problems is simply not the right tool for the job.

I know I need to be better with what I eat, but you hear so many conflicting things … what’s right?

Evolve Fitness has the answer!

The mission of Evolve is educating and empowering people to take their health and well-being into their own hands. The well-being of the human body starts with proper dietary choices and the responses we get from the nutrient dense foods we consume.  

Most people complain about fatigue, being overweight, diabetes, candidiasis (yeast overgrowth), skin irritations, rashes, hair thinning and hair loss, depression and anxiety; not understanding these are autoimmune disorders or responses to the foods we consume. These conditions can be avoided and even cured with real food. If we had a little deeper understanding of the body and the many processed ingredients that are in our foods in the American diet; we would surely make different choices.

Our approach is building an ecosystem rich with bacteria that strengthens the immune system and fights off unfriendly bacteria. Restoring and maintaining positive balance is vital to our health.

The Evolve Nutrition Program is a step by step process to regain our strength, health and well-being; control weight loss once and for all by reducing the stress, inflammation and bloating by creating a balanced ecology.  

Proper food combining restores balance and supports the immune system by creating a positive alkaline environment. An alkaline balanced diet is the body’s natural way of riding waste and toxins; eliminating the waste and toxins that cause fevers, colds, skin eruptions, joint discomfort and the morning fog we often experience upon waking up.  

Foods cause expansion and contraction in the body causing internal stress. Beef, pork, eggs, lamb, poultry and fish are contracting foods. Stress is a major contributor to contraction within the body; this explains why we reach for foods such as sweets and alcohol when our stress level is raised. Sweet vegetables will satisfy your sweet cravings squashing the need to reach for the harmful foods during periods of stress; thus, allowing the growth of a positive alkaline balance.

If you have been searching for a way to regain your energy, shrink your waistline, increase skin condition and stop looking and feeling worn out The Evolve Nutrition Program is for you.

Stop the hours of Google searches, listening to frustrating news reports, wasting money on fad products and captivating Facebook posts. Eating the way your body was intended will give you your life back; no more long grocery lists, hours of food prep or second guessing if you’re eating a quality meal. Without refined carbohydrates, processed meats and dairy you will now begin to lose weight, postpone aging, reduce the susceptibility to diseases and handle the effects of daily stress.

What you get:

• 6 – in-person meetings or live calls

• 1-month supply of the Body Ecology Probiotic Protein Shake. (A 2-in-1 fermented probiotic shake containing bacillus bacteria to help improve digestion and intestinal lining. The better your digestion, the better your results will be).

• 3 step plan to a healthier clean body

• Food pairing list

• Sample meals  

You will meet with a health coach 6 times over a three-month period honing in on what works best for your body. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to dietary requirements. Each person’s body may be slightly different in what they can tolerate.


This package has a combined value of $549.00!


You SAVE 55% and Only Pay $249.00!

In-person meetings, group calls or personal online meetings are available!

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