Evolve Fitness' Runners Program

Get ready for your next big run! Beat your last time — guaranteed!

And do it without risking injury. Ever wanted to take charge of your running? Stuck at a plateau? Looking for that extra push and accountability? Join many local runners in our community for FREE RUNNER SOCIALS offering 60 minutes of professional advice, to prepare for your next big event.

Discover what’s holding you back — what’s weak, tight, inactive, below optimal function — and how to fix it… so you can get maximum results!! Plus learn how to prevent common injuries that could sideline you for an entire season or more… runners knee, neck and shoulder fatigue or pain, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, shin splints, ankle sprains, iliotibal band syndrome, patellar tendonitis, and pulled muscles.

Research shows 30 to 50 percent of runners will suffer from injuries in the coming year… and a study published in Medicine & Science in Sport & Exercise linked knee injuries with weak hips. Our uniquely designed classes and programs help you find and fix problems — before they surface!!

Our RUNNER SOCIALS will give you a chance to get a FREE body analysis to find, prevent and fix lurking issues. Come experience what so many people are raving about at our STATE OF THE ART Facility!! From customized nutrition and workout plans geared towards getting you in peak condition, enabling you to shave significant time off your last run, prevent injury, and creating an accountability system that supports each runner through their journey!! Join us for a lifetime opportunity and a chance to be mentored by some of the Fitness industries top professional trainers and competitors!!  So come and join us for a fun, free information session… and get everything you need to make this your best running season — ever.

These FREE Runner Socials are ongoing so contact us TODAY, by entering your contact information below,  to get signed up for the next one!