Mo Orlando

I began pursuing a career in fitness after attending the San Diego police academy in 1996. My passion for fitness only grew after joining the military in 2000. During my time in the military I suffered a debilitating injury that left me in pain for almost two years. After dealing with several doctors, two chiropractors and the healthcare system I decided to do some research on my own. Spending over a year and a half in physical therapy and with chiropractors without getting answers or regaining my health; this was not an option any longer. I was fed up with a system that was not focused on healing me but was content with keeping me in the dark without providing information about my own care. 

Like many people, I was left without answers or the ability to simply move without pain. I went from being in perfect physical condition to being unable to control my own body or even sit down in a chair. I would fall backwards just trying to sit down, and being a big guy, broke more than a few chairs and even a couch. Getting to a standing position took several minutes with too much pain to ignore. After years of failed treatment, battling doctors, and feeling like no one was listening, I went searching for answers. With my usual discipline now growing stronger, and knowing I needed to help myself, I read everything there was to read on rehabilitation, physical therapy, and fitness. After integrating what I learned through intense study and work, I began to focus on corrective movement through therapeutic exercises that reengaged my nervous system.

Fortunately, thanks to Gray Cook, Kelly Starrett, and others, I am not only pain free, I have the mobility and strength I used to have.  This type of training and fitness is a testament to the people that live to help others regain their lives rather than just grow their bank accounts on our backs. My persistence brought me to a place where I am confident I can help you fix your ailments. My desire and ability to help design rehabilitation and fitness programs to meet specific needs, avoid surgery and relieve pain is what I bring to Evolve.

Most believe in “No Pain No Gain.” They think that pain is a natural byproduct of exercise, or “Oh, it’s just what I have to deal with”. NO, IT’S NOT!

It’s time to concentrate on corrective exercise with neuromuscular facilitation. Regain mobility and stability, clear the pain issues, and become happy with your body again. I have come to realize that traditional physical therapy doesn’t work. It’s too focused on clearing a symptom, not correcting the root of the problem.