Evolve Fitness Member Spotlight

Do you have something that you'd like to share with other Members or people looking for a new gym to join? We want to showcase your success stories and understand what you've experienced at Evolve Fitness that is different from other gym experiences you've had. Our goal is to inspire those who can relate to what you have to share.   

We believe a gym should offer more than just great trainers or equipment, we need to have a strong community. We love this community and want to give it something special, a pillar, a place where people are educated, inspired, and transformed. We want to create a community where people rally, support each other, see measurable improvements, and then celebrate their successes – together. That is what Evolve Fitness was built on. We want people to hear this from those who matter most, our Members.


Are you interested in helping others who don't know what Evolve Fitness has to offer and what it means to you? We'd love to schedule a time for us to capture your story. Our team will be coordinating times to capture short interviews on camera.

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Please tell us a few dates and times you would be able to be at the gym for 15-20 mins so we can capture your story.