Evolve Fitness's Café

If you enjoy a healthy protein shake after an intense workout or having access to a number of healthy snacks and tasty drinks our café is sure to please. Our café has a variety of offers that will satisfy any craving.

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Products we carry

Here are just a few of the products and lines we carry at Evolve Fitness: Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy, Bang Super Creatine, C4 Pre-Workout, Gatorade, Isopure, Lean Body, Monster Milk, Muscle Milk, No-Xplode, Pure Pro 35, Pure Pro 50, Ripped Force, Speed Shot, Speed Stack, Speed Stack Pumped, Trimino, Grab the Gold, Lenny & Larry's Cookies, Lenny & Larry's Brownies, Betty Lou's High Protein PB Balls, Cake Bites, Clif Bar, Luna Protein Bars, Luna Protein Bars, PureFit Nutrition Bars, Raw Revolution, Swiig Bites, Real Good Protein Pizza, and more!