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Corrin DeMent

Hello, my name is Corrin DeMent. I am excited to be one of the of the founders and owners of Evolve Fitness. I share the joy of this new venture with my incredible husband and our two amazing daughters. Jason and the girls have taught me so much about life, and becoming part of Team Evolve has been rewarding for us all!!  

After being graduated from Methodist University in only three years, I attended Widener Law School, received my Juris Doctor, and became a licensed attorney in 2005. By day, I am a full time lawyer working for an insurance company. However, fitness and helping others has always been something I enjoy tremendously. Therefore, I became an International Sports Sciences Association Certified Personal Trainer in 2016. Following that, I became a certified instructor for Spin Class and Soul Body Barre. The best part of obtaining these certifications has been the additional education and knowledge I have gained about the world of health. 

For years I have studied fitness, healthy living, and made exercise a top priority for me and my family. As a matter of fact, my closest friends are part of my “fit-fam” too. We often enjoy sharing healthy recipes and working out together. As I learned more, I began teaching others about the world of health and fitness. I continue to learn, and enjoy learning, new things that can benefit the health of my family and friends more each day too.  

Having access to knowledge about health and wellness, and having a comfortable, clean, responsive, and enjoyable place to work out, is something I want for not just myself, but for everyone. This is why we created Evolve Fitness. Team Evolve wants to be your partner in EVOLVING!!

If you should need anything, feel free to contact me for any of your questions, suggestions or concerns. 

Welcome to Evolve!!