Evolve Fitness’ Boot Camp

Real People … Proven Results … Guaranteed!

The most Popular and Sought out Program in the area!!

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Evolve Fitness has become well known for its Boot Camp program. This program is guaranteed to provide the results you are looking for. You will gain lean muscle, strength, endurance, and speed all while decreasing your body fat %. This program is designed to transform your body in a healthy way!

Look Better, Feel Better … Be Better!

Who is Boot Camp for? Boot Camp is for YOU!

Who has participated?

  • Age Range of Late Teens to Mid 60’s

  • Men and Women

  • Absolute Beginners to Advanced Gym Goers

  • Parents & Grandparents

  • Busy Adults with Full Time Jobs

    So, if you are thinking this is not for you … You’re WRONG!

    Boot Camp is for ALL fitness levels!

Participants DO NOT have to be Evolve Fitness Members!

What You Get:

  • 36 Digital Workouts, directly to your smartphone, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (These can be completed at any time during the days listed)

  • 24 Live Outdoor Conditioning Workouts, every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30am, held at Newton Lake Park (The workouts can be completed any time during the day if you choose)

  • 12 Live Outdoor Boot Camp Style Workouts, every Saturday at 8:00am, held at Newton Lake Park or Cooper River

  • Private Closed Facebook Group for Accountability, Personal Records, Motivation, and More!


  • 3 Month Evolve Fitness Bronze Membership ($109 Value)

  • 12 Week Digital Training Plan ($299 Value)

  • 36 LIVE Working Session ($360 Value)

  • Nutrition Package (Optional Add-on) - You will receive proper nutrient information for the duration of Boot Camp. Body composition and measurements will be taken and checked after each month for progress ($150 Value)

    TOTAL VALUE of $918 BUT you will save up to 60%!!

What to Expect:

  • Increased Lean Muscle %

  • Decreased Body Fat %

  • Lost Inches

  • Weight Loss

  • Increased Energy Level

  • Increased Strength

  • Increased Endurance

  • Increased Speed

  • Increased Overall Health

  • Body Transformation / New Appearance

  • Be prepared to purchase a new wardrobe in 12 weeks!

Hear what a few past Boot Campers had to say:

A group of participants who all live busy lives! Megan is a 45 year old mother with a full time job!

Alyssa … Results galore!!

Danielle … Full time job, wife, and mother!

Kathy is a 45 year old mother with a full time job!

A sneak peek to a Boot Camp that was held indoors!

Boot Camp has limited spots and WILL fill quickly!

DO Not Hesitate and Risk Missing Out!


Current Evolve Fitness Members: $367 - 60% Savings!

Non-Members (No use of Evolve Fitness): $413 - 55% Savings!

New Members (Use of Evolve Fitness during Boot Camp): $459 - 50% Savings!

Nutrition Package (Optional): $100 - 33% Savings!

Boot Camp Loyalty Discount

Previous Participants of any past Evolve Fitness Boot Camps receive an additional 15% Discount!

(This does not apply to Nutrition Package)

  • Pricing shown does not include tax - There are no cash refunds. If for any unforeseen reason a participant has to drop out, prior to the start date, the amount paid may be credited toward any membership and/or service offered by Evolve Fitness.

When is Evolve Fitness’ Next Boot Camp?

The next Boot Camp is:

FALL 2019

Just Imagine … You Will Already Have the Body Others Will Be Making a New Year's Resolution For!

Boot Camp Begins on Saturday September 21, 2019 and Finishes on Saturday December 14, 2019.

How to sign up?


In person: Simply stop at the Front Desk, inside Evolve Fitness, and a Staff Member will get you set up.

Over Phone: Simply call 856.432.6699 and a Staff Member will get you set up.

Payments Accepted: Credit / Debit Card, Cash , Check


What times are the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday workouts?

These workouts are done at your convenience! You receive the workouts through your smartphone in an easy to follow routine, which includes written and video directions. You choose what time of day you would like to perform these workouts.

What if I can not make the early morning Tuesday and Thursday workouts?

No problem! The workouts will be posted and you can perform them later in the day if you choose. Plenty of participants performed the workouts in the evening and still had the amazing results!

What if I go on vacation and miss a week?

No worries! There are supplement workouts for these exact situations! Plus, Boot Camp is 12 full weeks … you will not lose any results by enjoying a vacation.

Do I have to be a member of Evolve Fitness?

No, participants do not need to be a member of Evolve Fitness. The digital workouts are right at your fingertips, on your smartphone, and can be performed at another gym if you choose.

What if I have to miss a Saturday Boot Camp workout?

No problem! You will have a supplemental workout uploaded to your program as a make up workout for Saturdays!

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