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“Evolve Fitness has completely changed the way I train.” — M Lamanna


STARTING September 15, 2018

What you get:

  • 26 Team Conditioning Days, Every Tuesday & Thursday at 5:30am
  • 13 Outdoor Bootcamps Every Saturday at 8:00am
  • 39 Digital Gym Workouts Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday
  • Closed FB group for Accountability, personal records & Motivation

Includes: (Total Value = $918)

  • 3-Month Evolve Bronze Membership ($109 value)
  • 13-Week Digital Training, 39 Trainings ($269 value) 
  • 39 LIVE Working Sessions ($390 value) 
  • OPTIONAL: Nutritional Information is additional $75.00 - This includes your body measurements and proper nutrient numbers for the program, your body type and lifestyle. We will meet at the start of the program for an initial consult, twice during the program for check-ins and changes (if needed) and at the end for final results.($150 value)

Outdoor Locations Vary:

  • Cooper River Park 
  • Newton Creek

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  • Current members: $299
  • Non members: $349 (excludes Bronze membership)
  • New members: $399 (includes 3-month Bronze membership)
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There are no refunds.  If an unforeseen reason occurs that you can not participate in the Boot Camp, you may use your credit towards another service or program provided by Evolve Fitness.  

Listen To What Recent Boot Campers Have To Say...

Helen, 53, has not been able to run in years!

Jack, 58 years old, dropped down to only having 10% body fat!

Kim, 37 year old mother of 5, "lost over 8 1/2 inches and more than 4% body fat... I had a lot of fun!"

Sue, a 46 year old mother of 5, “last ditch effort” pays off.

Terri, 59, “I accomplished everything I said I couldn't do!"

Sarah, 47, busy mom of 5, "Tired of feeling tired… So glad I did it… Worth every minute… lost a lot of weight & inches... down 3 dress sizes"

Keli, 39, "best decision I ever made... go for it! I look forward to the next boot camp!"